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DJY stands for Dujiangyan — an ancient irrigation system in China (constructed ~256 BC) that is still in use to this day.

While Dujiangyan may be the world’s oldest surviving infrastructure system, that is far from the most interesting thing about it. There are many old, dormant things that have survived for centuries. What’s incredible about Dujiangyan is that it is still functioning and used today as a vital irrigation system that sifts clean water to hundreds of millions of people. But it wasn’t just the wisdom of the ancients or some prescient and prodigious engineering acumen that brought about such a long lasting feat — it was the years and years of simple attentive and relentless iteration.

We hypothesize that great companies are built the same way. Every time an earthquake cracked the structural foundation of the system, the issue was caught early and fixed quickly before it could cause a larger systemic issue. DJY is an ode to those dedicated and restless operators who relentlessly strive for excellence — both in business and in life.

DJY Research will publish one in-depth research report on an Asian equity each month. Our first two research reports will be free. After that, only subscribing Members will have access to our reports. Members will also have access to a DJY Discord server. Members Plus subscribers will have also have access to our excel work, periodic company updates, and other TBD perks. You can subscribe here.

Here at DJY, while we take pride in making a good looking product, we will never put form over utility.

We judge ourselves on our ability to hone in on the few key drivers that really matter to a business, ignoring the minutiae of information that would distract from truly understanding the core business.

If you want to see what kind of work you can expect from us, check out our sample reports on Bilibili and Sea Limited. We’ve also covered Alibaba, Coupang, Didi, Grab, and Nintendo. Coming up next is Tencent.

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